Aelos will be get wisdom and soul in your companions

The intelligent robot Aelos could work solidly more than one year, because it adopts multiple operating systems and experience a rigorous validation. Everyone could operate it easily and enjoy the pleasure of intelligent technology. Now, come and begin your completed new experience trip with Aelos!

Intelligent & Creative
Interactive & Easily & Enjoyment
There is always a good friend that help to answer your questions and clean your minds when you at messy status.
Aelos always accompany with you on the striving way.
Aelos's brain is like an encyclopedia to solve all your curiosity.
Growing every day, Aelos is always the best partner of your children.
Every morning, Aelos will suggest you how to make nutritious breakfast.
Don't look down at it . It is just small part of Aelos job as healthy housekeeper.

Intelligent voice interactive and comprehensive sensoring touch

Aelos has chat, simultaneous interpretation, voice search, voice repeat, voice command and other intelligent voice functions; it also has touching sensor and 9-axis acceleration sensor, be capable of sensing touch round to maintain a balance.

16 Joints DOF

Aelos is more flexible than the most robot products on the market. With unique structural design and testified rigirous step algorithm planning ,it can ensure the servo high-precision-rotation at the same time, which makes Aelos can be easy to do ten of thousands of delicate actions. No matter it is yoga, jumping, gymnastics, or even a set of difficult actions, Aelos can always show you the most exciting performance.

Excellent endurance without breakdown

The core parts and control systems of Aelos are developed by Leju team totally. After test again and again, the Aelos possessed stable structure, excellent performance, and better internal coordination ability, which to ensure Aelos can accompany with you more safety and stable. With the fully charge of battery, a strong endurance to support Aelos play with you together about 60 minutes.

Defining your Aelos style whatever you want

Whatever you are a uniform fan or weapons fan , even fashion fan, you can do them all by our customization service to release and mark yourself.

All the actions under your fingertip control

Based on multi-OS and BT connection with smartphone App or using game controller directly, You can send the command to your Aelos to achieve your control purpose. With the concise and easy-using Operation UI of App, you can also achieve one-buttom operation to make all the actions of Aelos is under your fingertip control, which enhance your interactive experience with Aelos at every time.

Aelos will learn more new skills depending on applications continuously updated

Aelos is one smart robot with powerful intelligent learning module and algorithm. Our official platform and many professional players together will launch more new applications.Then, Your Aelos will learn the freshest action and language skills by our APP of smart phone.